Braking Resistors


Braking Resistors

We have used our heating element expertise to offer a complete range of highly compacted braking/retardation resistors with the highest performance levels. Our resistors offer the best possible performance with the smallest physical size to maximum wattage ratio due to the high level of heat dissipation.

The braking/retardation resistors can be supplied with thermal switches and safety cut outs if required and in caged or flat section.

Applications include the smoothing of power peaks for electronic speed controllers and frequency transformers.

in the manufacturing industry, electrical industry, apparatus construction, inverters, speed controllers markets.

Braking Resistors

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  • up to 800 V

Sheat temperature

  • max 250° C

Temperature controller

  • 130° C


  • 40 x 20 mm or 80 x 20 mm


  • 160 mm, 240 mm, and 300 mm


  • from 1 - 500 Ohms

Dielectric strength

  • 4000 V


  • PTFE-insulated copper leads

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