Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used for the heating of liquids including water and oil. The immersion heaters are availble in single and three phase types with and without thermostat and safety heat cut out. The immersion heaters normally consist of electrical heating element consisting of 3 u-shaped tubular heaters, which are brazed or welded onto a threaded nipple G 1 1/2 - 1 1/4 and can be supplied with a thermostat or / and a temperature limiter.

Heating of liquid and gaseous media e. g. provision of hot water, boilers, oil heaters, air heaters.

Immersion Heaters

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  • The immersion heaters can be supplied with the following protection:
    • IP 00 open
    • IP 41 with protective cap dustproof and dripwaterproof
    • IP 64 with protective cap dustproof and splashwaterproof


  • Equipped with a protective cap with protection IP41 or IP64 this heater can additionally be equipped with a thermostat or a temperature limitor. This makes the heater a ready to use heating element which can be used for many applications.

Surface loading

  • Depending on the medium to be heated up to 25 W/cm²

Temperature resistance

  • up to max. 850°C

Max. immersion depth

  • 2200 mm

The immersion heaters are equipped for the use with 3-phase connection 400 V or with parallel connection 230 V

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