We offer a range of standard or custom machined thermowells or thermopockets.

We can offer parallel, stepped or tapered sheath design in a range of materials to suit your application, our thermowells can be supplied complete with instrument connections to suit your needs and with threaded, flanged or weld-in process connections.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements, we can provide a stock solution or design a 'custom' thermowell specifically for your requirements.

The thermowells that we manufacture are generally within one of the following three categories.

Fabricated Thermowells

Fabricated Thermowells
  • Low cost
  • Fast Delivery
  • Parallel/Stepped Stem

Solid Thermowells

Solid Thermowells
  • Solid Construction
  • High Pressure
  • Parallel/Stepped or Tapered Stem

Refractory Thermowells

Refractory Thermowells
  • High Temperature
  • Resistance To Abrasion
  • Parallel Stem

Product enquiry and further information

We would be delighted to offer free application advice, technical information on products, free quotations and delivery information.



Product enquiry & further information