Hot Runner Controllers


Power pack with innovations in a small format. With this control system ELOTECH sets new standards in the multi-zone PID controller sector with power output or for hot runner controls. With the RT4000 you have a control system with many of the performance features of a larger control system but in a small format and at an attractive price. In this 1-8 zone segment, individual controllers are generally forced into a single housing. However, the RT4000 offers an integrated solution with numerous advantages.

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The RT7000 is the top expansion level of the RT family. From 8 zones to 32 zones, this system can map as wide a range as a multi-zone controller. Two 32-zone controllers can then be expanded to 64-zones via cascading. Larger systems are implemented as customer-specific variants. Operation is via a 7-inch touch display or via our innovative App-based remote control unit.


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ELOTECH's RT1000 offers economical 1-zone control in a robust passively cooled aluminium housing. Its extensive functional range makes the RT1000 a fully-featured PID controller. The two 7-segment displays show the actual and the setpoint temperatures. A SSR power controller switches the heating on/off. The fuse is accessible from the rear. You can either set PID parameters individually or the assign this task to the self-optimising function.


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