Industrial Thermal Management Kapton® Flexible Heating Element

Kapton® Flexible Heating Element

Please see our mat heaters for Bain Marie applications. The heaters are fitted externally to the tank therefore offering ease of cleaning and lower energy usage. We also offer transparent foil heaters for anti-condensation of glass within display cabinets.

Due to the nature of this type of heater this product is normally custom made. So please contact us with your requirements. For more details see Kapton Heaters, Polyester Heaters, Silicone Heaters and Bain Marie heaters. Our lead times are typically 1 to 2 weeks from receipt of order.

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Kapton® Flexible Heating Element

The Kapton® flexible heating elements due to their small thickness (0,10÷0,15mm) can be easily fitted to different kind of metal surfaces and guarantee a fast and uniform heat transfer. The uniform thermal distribution of the heating allows to avoid abnormal thermal expansions and to manage all the power with the maximum efficiency.

The Kapton® insulation guarantees 260°C maximum working temperature. The high bond performance of the adhesive film allows an easy fixing on steel and plastic surfaces. The etched foil technology allows to design the flexible element according to the requests of the customer so it is possible to customize shape, dimensions, voltage and power. For this reason the Heatfor flex elements are suitable for a lot of different applications.

Kapton Flexible Heating Element

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Here below main features of the Kapton® flexible heating elements:

  • Possibility to customize shape, dimensions, voltage , power and configuration of the element;
  • Extremely thin element;
  • Uniform surface heating distribution;
  • Possibility to get different specific power on the same element;
  • Easy to fix by adhesive film;
  • Possibility to control the temperature by a temperature control on the heater like thermostat, PT100, J/K probes, thermo fuses etc;
  • Heating loss reduction;
  • Voltage range from 1 to 400V;
  • Possibility to have double voltage supply 115-230V on the same element;

Technical data


  • min: 0.10mm
  • max: 0.15mm


  • min: 20mm
  • max: 1000mm


  • min: 20mm
  • max: 600mm

Specific power:

  • min: 0,01W/cm²
  • max: 3.0W/cm² (thermoregulated)


  • min: 1.0V
  • max: 400V


  • min: -60°C
  • max: 260°C


  • Yes



  • Medical and diagnostics equipment


  • Displays


  • Boilers


  • Food machinery


  • Printers and plotters


  • Plastic film welding

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