Finned Tubular Air Heaters

In order to increase the heat transfer of tubular heaters for the heating of air and gases tubular heaters are equipped with a steel strip coiled around the heater. Thus enlarging the surface area and increasing turbulences, finned tubular heaters can sustain a higher thermal loading than normal tubular heaters. The surface temperature decreases and the heaters become shorter. Therefore Turk and Hillinger finned tubular heaters should be applied where it is required to heat gases or air at temperatures where the differences between the heater and the medium should remain small.

  • For air conditioners the deposits of combustible dust is minimized.
  • In drying apparatus the drying goods are smoothly treated.
  • For varnish dryers you can obtain an even temperature distribution and the maximum surface temperature of the heater can be kept low thus increasing its lifetime.
  • Within shrink foil packaging machines these heating elements allow a stable temperature dissipation and prevent the foil from overheating.

Finned Heaters

The surface area of tubular heaters is enlarged by the fitting of finns to enable the heater to effiently heat air or gases. These heaters have a short lengh but a high power.

Channel air heaters for air-conditioning and drying apparatus are also available please see enclosed pdf with further information and technical details..

Finned Heaters

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Max. temperature at tube sheath

  • 700° (at CrNi-steel)

Diameters (with RHK 8,5mm)

  • 20 and 28 mm

Distance between fins

  • 5 mm

Electrical air heater

Turk and Hillinger air heaters type HRR consist of tubular heaters or finned tubular heaters assembled into a sheet metal housing made of zinc plated steel or stainless steel. According to the requirements given by the specification the housings can be adapted to various applications as per the illustrations indicated beside. For most applications finned tubular heating ele ments are used as their increased surface area allows low surface temperatures on the heating elements thus providing a low watt density and a long lifetime with reduced housing dimensions.

By means of electrical interlock it has to be assured that the heater can only be operated when a fan has been activated. In order to prevent the air filter from overheating and to avoid a too high outlet temperature the air heaters can be equipped with a thermostat and/or a temperature limitor.

Electrical air heater

Finned heaters (PDF datasheet)Product enquiry and further information (Contact us form)

Standard executions

In general we manufacture air heaters confrom to your specifiactions. For duct air heaters with air outlet temperatures less than 80°C the following dimensions of H are favorable because of the then possible employment of standard RHR:

Preferred dimensions H: 250 mm, 320 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 630 mm and 800 mm

Possible configurations and specifiactions

  • Flange heaters HRF or HRF-AK
  • Cylindrical air heaters HRZ with the preferential diameters 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm
  • Heaters for higher air temperatures with set off terminal box (AK)
  • Protection Degree of the connection box up to IP64
  • Air space sealed by welding
  • Insulation resistance > 10 megaohms
  • Silicone-free execution
  • Operating voltages between 24V and 3 x 690 V
  • Specification of the circuit steps
  • Execution with thermocouple mounted at the RHR
  • Low temperatures at the heating element
  • Low pressure losses
  • for maritime applications, heaters conform to GL/DNV guidelines
Very Small Version HPQ-MINI

Ceramic Heating Units Type PK

Heater with exosed heating filament located onto ceramic former or mica strip with a sheet metal housing. For use only with upstream or downstream fan blowers.

Electrical air heater

Ceramic Heating Units Type PK (PDF datasheet)Product enquiry and further information (Contact us form)

We manufacture ceramic heating units type PK to heat up air up to 600° C. The ceramic heaters are available with or without metal casings.

The diameter range is from 13–85 mm for typical air volume from 2–100 m3/h.

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