Drum Heaters

A full range of drum heaters available from stock.

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Drum Heaters

Range of drum heaters that are suitable for melting or reducing the viscosity of many materials as a protection against freezing temperatures.

High powered silicone side heaters and base units are suitable for use on steel drums and are ideal for materials that readily accept the high temperatures generated.

The thermally insulated nylon heater jackets are designed for use with plastic drums but can be used on any containers where delicate materials such as foodstuffs require gentle warming. All drum heaters have thermostatic control and have been designed with safety in mind.

Drum Heaters

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Silicone Side Drum Heater

The silicone side drum heater is a simple and effective method of applying heat to 200 Litre drums ( multiple heaters up to a maximum of three can be fitted to a single drum to give quicker warm up times and higher product temperatures. The heater is specifically designed for the melting or reducing the viscosity of soaps, fats, varnishes and oil based type products.

The heater is silicone rubber insulated constructed to Class II double insulated standards with a high temperature tolerance. The heating element is PTFE coated and sandwiched between multiple layers of silicone coated glass fabric. The unit comes complete with a 0 to 130C° thermostat, 1 metre high temperature power cable and a simple spring and clip arrangement that ensures good surface contact with the drum.

Insulation Jacket

The insulation jacket can be used in conjunction with all the drum heaters. When used with the side drum heaters, it can be fitted after heating to maintain the temperature for a longer period of time. With the HBD base drum heater it can be fitted during heating to reduce warm up time and increase the top range temperature attainable.

This jacket is supplied in standard sizes 25L, 50L, 105L and 200L, made from polyurethane nylon with needled polyester insulation and is water-resistant.

Insulation Jacket

Teflon coated polyester Jacket

Water Resistant

Glass filament Insulation


  • 25L, 50L, 105L, 200L
  • Non-standard Sizes to Order

Base Drum Heater

The base drum heaters are manufactured with a 900W silicone rubber insulated heater mat which provides an even distribution of heat to the platen. If rapid heat up is required and the contents will accept heat rapidly, or solid medium are involved a side drum heater can be used in conjunction with the base heater; alternatively a thermally insulated jacket can be used.

The base heater is made from 2mm thick mild steel for extra rigidity on uneven surfaces with tapered edges for safe ease of drum location and is protected by a resilient high temperature coating. Temperature adjustment is afforded by a front aperture in the control unit, with neon’s indicating power on and load switching, all viewed through a window in the control unit top. The base drum heater is controlled by a 20° to 150°C capillary thermostat.

Base Drum Heater

Robust Steel Construction

Even Heat over Platen Area

High Temperature Tolerance

20° C to 150° C Thermostat

Power Rating:

  • 900 Watts 230 Volts AC 4 Amps or 110 Volts AC 8.5 Amps

Heater Element:

  • Wire Element, Glass impregnated silicone heater mat


  • 50mm High-density rock wool

Supply Lead:

  • 2 Metres flexible armoured SY type 3-core cable


  • Approximately 15 Kg


  • Platen: Height 70mm, Diameter top 550mm, Base 600mm
  • Control Unit: Height 105mm, Protrusion 280mm
  • Overall Unit: 880mm long, 600mm wide, 105mm high

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