Clarian UK is the exclusive agent for both Turk & Hillinger & Heatfor in the UK. If two of the world’s best known manufacturers trust us, you know that you can.

Heaters – Reliability & efficiency

Whatever you are looking for, we endeavour to help with best components and best advice. Our heating range includes cartridge heaters, tubular heaters, coil heaters, immersion heaters, mica heaters, silicone mat heaters and many more. Give us a call and we would be happy to help and/or provide a free quotation.

Click here to view our range of Turk & Hillinger industrial cartridge heaters.


N.B. Clarian coil heaters are held in stock and can be coiled to fit into most manufacturer’s hotrunner systems. Please contact us for more details.

Product enquiry and further information

We would be delighted to offer free application advice, technical information on products, free quotations and delivery information.



Product enquiry & further information