Cable Access Grommet

Three sizes are offered consisting of an outer flange, which push fits into a circular aperture and a top cover assembly which is snapped into the flange after the cable end (with connector) has been passed through.

The top cover assembly rotates to uncover access holes which are passed over the cable before the assembly is fitted.

The 125mm type accommodates three cable holes and 100mm type two cable holes are intended for floors, walls and consoles.

The 80mm type is intended for desks and work surfaces and has a ratchet, which keeps the top cover located in several positions. This allows a variety of cable sizes to pass through the three access holes promoting a clean and tidy visual appearance.

All types are available in black or grey as standard although other options will be considered.

Cable Access Grommet

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Technical Specification

  • 125MM
  • 100MM
  • 80MM

Overall diameter of bezel

  • 140mm
  • 110mm
  • 91mm

Fixing hole size

  • 127mm
  • 95mm
  • 79mm

Bezel thickness above surface

  • 3mm
  • 3mm
  • 3mm

Inside diameter of flange

  • 120mm
  • 89mm
  • 73mm

Max cable diameter

  • 8mm
  • 12mm
  • 9mm


  • ABS
  • ABS
  • ABS

Part Numbers

    • CR125CBB
    • CR100CBB
    • CR80CBB
  • GREY
    • CR125CBG
    • CR100CBG
    • CR80CBG

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Product enquiry & further information