Flat Tubular heaters

A range of flat tubular heaters used for heating air, gas liquids, oil and for heating of railway points.

Flat Tubular heaters

Compacted and metalsheathed heaters with flat oval crossection; one-, two- or three- connection pins on one or both ends. Sheath material: CrNi-steel. Heat conductor: Chrome nickel wire NiCr 8020 or other NiCr alloys. Insulation material: Pure magnesium oxide

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Flat Tubular heaters

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Max. voltage

  • 400 V

Max. temperature load of sheath

  • 700°C


  • 13 x 5,5 mm / 17 x 6 mm / 22 x 6 mm

Max. length

  • about 5000 mm

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