Flanged Heaters

The available flange sizes include all international standards (ANSI, DIN, metric, JIS, BS) and customer specified designs. The flange heaters can be installed horizontally or vertically. Through the use of support tubes, the heaters are extremely stable, thus resulting in a long service life and reliability in operation.

  • Pressure testing up to 40 bar is possible at our plant
  • Connection housings are available, up to Protection Class IP67
  • Unit testing according to DIN EN 60335 (VDE 0700)

Flanged Heaters

Flanged Heaters

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For high or low temperature applications, the heaters can be supplied with a cooling section KS. Additionally, the heaters can be equipped with temperature thermocouples, switches and safety elements. Different sheath materials are available to ensure optimal heating for specific applications.

Important instructions

The applicable surface loads for the heating of various media are to be considered. When used in liquid, the tubular heater must be completely immersed. The fluid circulation must not be hindered by the heater. Seals are included. The heater must be kept free from deposits and contamination. Hard water causes scale deposits on the heating elements and can lead to overheating. Reducing the surface load can reduce the calcification. Water containing free chloride ions can also shorten the life of the heating elements by, among others, pitting.

Flanged Heaters

Flanged Heaters

When placing an order, the following parameters must be specified:

  • Voltage, power, connection
  • Maximum immersion depth and unheated length
  • Flange size
  • Protection class and execution

Information on the type of application (temperatures, medium to be heated) simplifies the choice of matching sheath materials and surface loads.


Flanged Heaters

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