Single Zone Controllers

Whatever your Thermal Management requirements, Clarian UK can help. We provide precision engineered components at a competitive price. Our 20 years of experience also means, you get first rate technical support.

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Single Zone Temperature Controllers - Reliability & Precision

Since 2011 Clarian UK Ltd are proud to be the EXCLUSIVE UK agent for Elotech, a world leader in the manufacture of temperature controllers.

Our range includes: Multi-zone controllers & Single zone controllers.

We also offer customer-specific temperature controllers for OEM customers.

Clarian - The EXCLUSIVE agent for Elotech in the UK

Clarian - The EXCLUSIVE agent for Elotech in the UK

N.B. Our NEW RANGE of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 zone controllers also has the new Elotech, Linkable and remote-controllable service interface.

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You benefit from the latest Elotech technology & product developments. Highly integrated 32-Bit processors with internal failure-proof memory, PID & Flash components, modular device design form the foundation of what we offer to you.

Continuous optimization and development of devices & continuous product improvement means excellent efficiency.

Benefits: Wide variety of products, quick availability, high serviceability.


However demanding the environment, our carefully selected Elotech high quality products mean:

  • Precision engineering.
  • Thermal optimised device designs.
  • High resistance to interference.
  • Durability.
  • Years of error-free use.
  • Peace of mind guarantee.

Know How

Years of experience with developed PID control algorithms means precise control, in even the most complex processes.

  • Self-optimization of PID parameters.
  • Prevention of set-points being exceeded during optimisation phase.
  • Start-up & alarm functions.
  • Comprehensive selection of data interfaces.

The Elotech range includes standard designs right through to industry & customized solutions. The possible applications are wide-ranging too.

Single Loop Temperature Controllers - R1100 - R1140 - R1180 - R1300

Basic functions

Configurable control behavior

Two-point controller: (heating or cooling) Three-point controller: (heating – off – cooling)


Automatic determination of control parameters

Actuator outputs

Relay (normally open contact) or bistable voltage signal 0/18 VDC, 10 mA

Programmable control behavior

PD / I (PID modified)
P, D, I - parameters can be adjusted separately.

Individually programmable

Thermocouples measurement transducer, Pt100 actual-value offset correction Setpoint ramp function and 2nd setpoint

R4100 Controller for Temperature and Cooling Technology

Taylor made to suit your needs: I/O-board and controller software customizable

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More about - Clarian R4100 Product enquiry and further information (Contact us form)

R1140 - Temperature Controller

NEW, with Bedienungsanleitung or with Bedienungsanleitung fieldbus

or with serial interface RS232 (ELOTECH Standard ASCII - communication protocol )

or with serial interface RS485 (ELOTECH Standard ASCII - communication protocol )

R1140 - Bedienungsanleitung

More about - Clarian R1140 Product enquiry and further information (Contact us form)

R1180 - Temperature Controller

R1180 - Bedienungsanleitung

Clarian R1180 (PDF datasheet). Product enquiry and further information (Contact us form).


  • 96x48 mm (1/8 DIN)

Installation depth

  • 122 mm


  • (heating or cooling)


  • (heating-off-cooling)

3-point-step-controller (for motorvalve application)


Autotune function

Sensor input

  • RTD,Thermocouple, mA

Analogue process value

  • output 0/4 ... 20 mA

Second setpoint

Alarm outputs with 7 different functions

Easy to operate

R1300 - The Universal Controller - Flexible - Compact - Powerful

R1300 - The Universal Controller - Flexible - Compact - Powerful

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