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S1000 - Limit Controllers

The S1000 Allrounder – our easy-to-use limit controller for temperature control. The S1000 is a 2-point compact controller with adjustable hysteresis. The appliance is designated for assembly on DIN rails in the control cabinet. Additionally, the S1000 can be used as an independent monitoring device for increasing process safety.

Irrespective of a possible failure of the separate regulator or control, the process value is displayed and an alarm contact is triggered if any of the pre-set limit values is overshot or undershot.

R1100 - Bedienungsanleitung

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The A4000 family is ELOTECH's complete family of new indicators. Whether you want to display one value, two, four, six, eight or 16 different physical values with one device – the A4000 gives you maximum flexibility. You connect the sensors via 0…10V, 0…20mA or via temperature inputs (PT100, thermocouple) to the A4000.


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