Tubular Heaters

Metal-sheathed compacted tubular heater, available in straight or bent execution. Tubular heaters are a general purpose heater type with low watts density for heating air,liquids and metal platterns. Our tubular heaters are availble in various different cross sections ie flat types and diameters including 5mm and can be supllied either straight or preformed with varios different connection types including threaded stud or faston. We can supply tubular heaters with connections at one end or both ends.

Applications for tubular heaters include railway point heating, plastics industry, apparatus construction, woodworking machinery, shoe machine industry, domestic appliances, foundries, high vacuum applications, laboratory work, packaging industry.

Tubular  Heaters

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Max. voltage

  • 480 V

Sheath material

  • Cu and CrNi-steel


  • 16 mm / 8,5 mm / 6,5 mm / 5 mm

Max. length

  • Ø 16 mm = about 3000 mm
  • Ø 8,5 mm = about 4000 mm
  • Ø 8 mm = about 4000 mm
  • Ø 6,5 mm = about 3800 mm
  • Ø 5 mm = about 3000 mm
  • Ø 4 mm = about 1500 mm
  • Ø 3 mm = about 1500 mm

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