Aluminium Foil Heaters - IP68

Aluminium foil heaters are designed to protect against freezing and heat up to 150°C. The waterproof IP68 construction means they can be submersed in water.

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  • Protection against freezing and/or to maintain the temperature up to 150°C.
  • Degree of protection: IP68.

Due to the nature of this type of heater this product is normally custom made. So please contact us with your requirements. Our lead times are typically 1 to 2 weeks from receipt of order.


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Aluminium Foil Heater

Aluminum Foil Heater

Components designed specifically for the heating of surfaces, also of large dimensions, that requires a power not too high, especially suitable in cases where is required a protection against freezing and/or to maintain the temperature up to 150°C.

The aluminium foil heater is composed of a silicone or PVC heating cable, within an aluminium foil coating on both sides, the incorporated adhesive film has a high adhesive content on steel and plastics, allowing in this way simplicity of application and excellent heat exchange, thus ensuring a uniform thermal distribution.

In the refrigeration and air-conditioning sectors it is widely used, but, thanks to the possibility of realizing "tailor-made" elements, it is suitable for many technical solutions, in fact, are available:

  • different specific powers on the same element;
  • accessories with thermal settings (thermostats, protectors, PT100, J / K probes, etc.);
  • voltages from 1V to 400V;
  • possibility of double power supply, 115-230V, for the same heating element;
  • Insulation Class: I or II;
  • degree of protection: IP68.

Technical data

  • Voltage:
    • Min. 1V
    • Max. 400V
  • Temperature (±10%)
    • Min. -40°C
    • Max. +150°C
  • Power (±10%)
    • Min. 1 W/m2
    • Max. 50 W/m2
  • Length
    • Min. 20 mm
    • Max. 2300 mm
  • Width
    • Min. 20 mm
    • Max. 590 mm

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Product enquiry & further information