Clarian UK Ltd: Specialists in industrial thermal management were we have many years experience offering well engineered competitively priced solutions. Manufactures and supplies a large range of electrical and process control components. Including one of the largest ranges of industrial heating elements in the market.

Our excellent customer service means:

  • Well engineered solutions.
  • Complete package of industrial heating elements, temperature sensors & controllers.
  • We offer one of the largest ranges.
  • Bespoke solutions with short lead times to accommodate specialist requirements.
  • Clarian provides express support and fast turnaround, vital in breakdown situations.

Cartridge Heaters - We have the solution

  • High performance
  • Maximum accuracy
  • High surface loading (smallest volume; maximum power)
  • Ground sheath
  • Longer lasting
  • Huge range of choices to suit you Cartridge Heaters needs

Use our easy reference tables to find the exact cartridge you need.

Silicone Mat Heaters

The heaters are fitted externally to the tank therefore offering ease of cleaning and lower energy usage. We also offer transparent foil heaters for anti-condensation of glass within display cabinets.

Due to the nature of this type of heater this product is normally custom made. So please contact us with your requirements. For more details see Kapton Heaters, Polyester Heaters, Silicone Heaters and Bain Marie heaters. Our lead times are typically 1 to 2 weeks from receipt of order.

Coil Heaters - We have the solution

Coiled heaters are one of Clarians specialist areas where we can supply high wattage heaters with high sheath temperatures for the heating of plates or cylindrical objects and for the repair of hotrunner systems. Our heaters are sealed so they are not susceptable to ingress of moisture.

Hot Runner spares; Clarian coil heaters are held in stock and can be coiled to fit into most manufacturers of hotrunner systems. Please contact us for further details

Tubular Heaters

Metal-sheathed compacted tubular heater, available in straight or bent execution. Tubular heaters are a general purpose heater type with low watts density for heating air,liquids and metal platterns.

Our tubular heaters are availble in various different cross sections ie flat types and diameters including 5mm and can be supllied either straight or preformed with varios different connection types including threaded stud or faston. We can supply tubular heaters with connections at one end or both ends.

Heating Cables, Crankcase Heater

Clarian uk ltd is the exclusive UK agent for Heatfor one of the worlds best known and highly respected manufacturers of heating cables.

We offer the widest range of constant power heating cables reels, mono exit cable and heating cable all available as standard or special types.

Drum Heaters

Range of drum heaters that are suitable for melting or reducing the viscosity of many materials as a protection against freezing temperatures.

High powered silicone side heaters and base units are suitable for use on steel drums and are ideal for materials that readily accept the high temperatures generated.

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used for the heating of liquids including water and oil.

The immersion heaters are availble in single and three phase types with and without thermostat and safety heat cut out. The immersion heaters normally consist of electrical heating element consisting of 3 u-shaped tubular heaters, which are brazed or welded onto a threaded nipple G 1 1/2 - 1 1/4 and can be supplied with a thermostat or / and a temperature limiter.

Temperature Controllers - Reliability & Precision

Our range includes: Multi-zone controllers & Single zone controllers.

We also offer customer-specific temperature controllers for OEM customers.

HOT-TIP: RP coil heaters are a highly robust alternative to mica band heaters for your injection moulding machines.