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Special type HLP heaters for the heating of expansion screws or other special applications


Expansion screws are always used where the tightening of the screw has to assure a long lasting and solid connection. This is mostly used for large electrical machines like turbines and generators or for large diesel engines e.g. for ships. The tightening of the screw serves to assure that the housing halves of the machines are safely fitted and that they can withstand the mechanical load during operation such as vibration or pressure. The screws can also be used for the fixation of the machines to a socket. The use of expansion screws is based on the elongation of the steel shaft within certain limits which is proportional to the applied heat. Expansion screws return back to the same length when cooling down to ambient temperature.

Application of expansion screws

It is very important to only heat the screws within the shaft portion.

Installation guidance

In order not to overheat the cartridge heaters and to achieve a good heat transfer we highly recommend the use of our installation aid VARYBOND REGULAR GRADE. Before the installation the heated zone of the cartridge heater should be covered throughout with a layer of this compound.

Important for ordering

Heated length, unheated length, voltage, performance, connection type. It is useful to provide the heaters with an unheated length of about 150 mm to 200 mm at the connection side to prevent the connection from being thermally damaged during the heating process.

Technical Data

  • Diameter
    • ? 10 mm - ? 36 mm
  • max. Length
    • 6000 mm
  • unheated length
    • min. 200 mm
  • Voltage
    • up to 400 V
  • max. Performance
    • 15 000 W at 48 V
  • Execution
    • optionally straight or bent
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