Nozzle Heater Q-series

Basis of the nozzle heaters is a low mass tubular heater coiled into a slot of a cylindrical sleeve with precise ID.

Optional the nozzle heaters are deliverable with or without thermocouple.


  • precise power distribution
  • customer specific designs
  • highest reproductivity
  • smallest tolerances
  • compact and robust design with small wall thickness

Heating of nozzles for the plastics industry, e.g. hotrunner systems, heating of liquids within tubes, heating of metals with circular cross section.

Nozzle Heater Q-series

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Base material

  • Preferably brass, other materials on request
  • Sheath material of the tubular cartridge heater Nickel or CrNi-steel

Inner diameter

  • from 5 mm


  • 20 - 400 mm

Min. wall thickness

  • 1.3 mm


  • 12 - 400 V

Power tolerances

  • + - 10 % (smaller on request)

Power distribution

  • upon customer specification

Connection type

  • upon customer specification


  • available with integrated thermocouple

Thermocouple Type TE

Subject to the exact temperature control is a contacting without gaps at the device to be controlled and a quick response time of the thermocouple.

Here are applied our thermocouples type TE with the specific advantages:

  • quick response time
  • moisture proof design
  • robust construction with excellent strain relief of the connection lead
  • high temperature resistant connection
  • stainless steel sheathed

More information about our thermocouples you can find in our special brochure TE.

Patented Clamping tightly fixed in the nozzle heaters type HPQ.

Patented Clamping

For the series type HPQ Turk and Hillinger offers a new, patented gap-free clamping of the thermocouple on the device to be controlled. This results in an optimal control and regulation performance.

Thermocouples type TE can be mounted optionally removable or tightly fixed in the nozzle heaters type HPQ.

Very Small Version HPQ-MINI

Very Small Version HPQ-MINI

For smallest applications ask for our HPQ-Mini. On request with removable temperature sensor.

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