RS1500 - Temperature Controller


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Performance features

  • Economical entry level variants
  • Full-value regulation and control

Basic functions:

  • 3-point controller, PID controller, heating and cooling switching hysteresis
  • Control functions with inputs and outputs or for temperature control solutions
  • Front installation, optional: Installation from the rear


  • 7-segment display, 2 rows
  • 4 keys
  • 5 LEDs for alarms and further function displays


  • PID control behaviour. The control behaviour can be adjusted via the feedback parameters.
  • Setting the rate time, reset time (P,I,PI,PD,PID)
  • Setpoint limit
  • Self-optimising for adaptation to the controlled system
    • Self-optimising at start up and up to the setpoint.
    • The algorithm determines the characteristics of the system in a closed control loop and calculates the control parameters (Xp, Tv, Tn) over a wide range and the switching cycle time (C = 0.3 x Tv) of a PD/I controller.
    • After calculation of the feedback parameters, the controller returns the actual value to the current setpoint.
    • Self-optimising stopped: by alarm warning and switching off the controller
      Output ratio limitation
  • The output ratio is output to the digital outputs in the form of a PWM signal.
    • The total duration of an On/Off cycle is determined via the switching cycle time parameter.
    • The value parameters are set separately for heating and cooling (P: switching cycle time heating or cooling).
    • Output ratio limitation is only needed in the event of fixed over-dimensioned power supply to the controlled system. Output ratio limitation is usually set to 100 %. For heating and cooling, output ratio limitation can be programmed to between 0 % and 100 %.
  • Control parameters for heating and cooling are separately adjustable. There can be no overlap of heating and cooling.
  • In "Ready for operation" and "Alarm" operating status the controller outputs are set to zero.

Settings ranges and control precision:

  • Feedback: Xp: 0…100% Tv: 0…200sec Tn: 0…999sec
  • Switching cycle time: 1…240sec
  • Output ratio limitation: 0…100%
  • Setpoint limit: -40…400°C
  • Control precision in steady state (without sensors): ± 0.5 K
  • Resolution in the steady control state (without sensors): ± 0.1 K

Control functions (example for temperature control solution):

  • Heating, cooling, alarm, pump (on/off/empty)
  • Watch-dog: Permanent monitoring of correct software process
  • Temperature warning
  • All data are storage is power failure-proof.
  • Filling/float switch
  • Cooling and switch-off
  • Fill time monitoring
  • Restart lockout
  • Do not heat dead zone
  • Switching cycle times
  • System lock
  • Tool emptying
  • Leak stop (direction of rotation of pump - phase switch - is carried out via relay).
  • Display of error messages

Inputs and outputs:

  • Controller outputs: Bistable logic output: See control unit technical data
  • Sensor input: PT-100, 2-wire, break and short-circuit proof
  • 3x digital input, 24 V for level switch, motor contactor, …
  • 8x digital output (logic), 24 V, max. 0.6 A (max. 115W=8x24x0.6, e.g., for pump contactor, solid state relay, solenoid valves, alarm (relay)
  • PT 100 (DIN): Measurement range: 0…200°C resolution 0.1°C
  • TTY, optionally further interfaces (RS232, RS485)
  • Power supply: 24 VDC

Technical data:

  • Format: Front dimensions: Standard formats 96 x 48 mm, optional: 48 x 96 mm (W x H)
  • Installation depth: 90 mm
  • Protection class: IP 00 / front: min. IP54
  • Sensor current: max. 1 mA
  • 1 x 2-wire circuit
  • Sensor breakage and short circuit monitoring are present.
  • Sensor current: < 1 mA
  • Calibration accuracy: < 0.25 % in temperature range 0...200°C
  • Linearity and display errors: < 0.2 % +/- 1digit
  • Ambient temperature influence on the measuring span: < 0.01 % / K
  • Digital inputs: Designed for connection of external, zero-voltage contacts.
  • Switching voltage: Approx. 24 V DC, max. 1 mA
  • Controller output "Heating": Voltage, bistable, 0/24 V DC, min. 10 mA, short circuit proof
  • Solenoid valve controller output: Voltage, bistable, 0/24 V DC, min. 0.6 A
  • Outputs, relay: Relay switchover, max. 250 V AC, max. 2.5 A at cos-phi = 1
  • Interfaces: TTY(0/20mA) for protocols: Arburg, Engel, Dr. Boy, Krauss Maffei
  • Data backup: EAROM, semiconductor memory
  • Electrical connections: Spring clamps, protection class IP 20 (DIN 40050), insulation group C
  • Admissible applications: Working temperature range: 0...50°C / 32...122°F
  • Storage temperature range: -30...70°C / -22...158°F
  • Climatic application class: KWF DIN 40040;
  • corresponds to 75 % rel. humidity as annual average, no condensation

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Product enquiry & further information