Surge Voltage Protection - Surge Arrester Class I + II (B/C) 25kA (10/350)

  • PROTEC 25 kA (10/350), CLASS I + II (LPL I + II)

Arrester Class I + II (B/C) 25kA (10/350)

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PROTEC 25 kA (10/350), CLASS I + II (LPL I + II)

  • The Schrack-Protec series has been developed to protect against partial direct and indirect discharges. It is intended to provide lightning protection level I and II (protection zone 0A to 1) according to IEC62305.
  • This series is tested for testclass I and testclass II according to IEC61643-1 with a maximum impulse current (Iimp)of 25kA (10/350) per pole and nominal discharge current (In) of 40kA (8/20) per pole. The devices are available for maximum continuous current operating voltage (Uc) of 275Vac.
  • Surge arrester class B/C, Class I/II, Type of design 1/2, meets EN/IEC-SN 60, part 4, and EN/IEC 61643.


  • National regulations for installation must be followed!
  • In Austria: EN/IEC 8001-1, EN/IEC E 8049, EN/IEC 62305 or IEC 60364-5-53 A1.


Varistor-lightning arresters/surge arresters designed for indoor mounting as a means of protecting consumer appliances against lightning and transient voltage surges. Can be used for construction systems with I and II classes of protection in accordance with EN/IEC E 8049 (EN/IEC 62305). The surge arrester operates in any position. The application of varistor technology extinguishes mains follow currents. It also ensures that connected devices are stress free and also offers a lower protection set off. No additional gas-filled blow-out spark gaps are required.


  PTNC BC 275
PTT BC 275
Standard IEC61643-1
Max. continuous voltage AC (DC) 275Vac (350Vdc)
Nominal discharge current (nI8/20) per pole 40kA 40kA 40kA (MOV)
100kA (GDT)
Max. discharge current (I max 8/20) per pole 100kA 100kA 100kA (MOV)
160kA (GDT)
Impulse current (Iimp 10/350) per pole 25kA 25kA 25kA (MOV)
100kA (GDT)
Specific energy per pole 156kJ/Ω 156kJ/Ω 156kJ/Ω(MOV)
Charge per pole 12,5As 12,5As 12,5As (MOV)
50As (GDT)
Protection level Up <1,4kV (at In)
<1,1kV (at Iimp)
<1,4kV (at In)
<1,1kV (at Iimp)
<1,4kV (at In) (MOV)
<1,1kV (at Iimp) (MOV)
Response time <25ns <25ns <25ns (MOV)
<100ns (GDT)
Follow current - - >100ARMS
Back-up fuse max. 250A gL/gG max. 250A gL/gG max. 250A gL/gG
Short-circuit withstand current 25kA / 50Hz 25kA / 50Hz 25kA / 50Hz
Protection Thermal protection Thermal protection Thermal protection
Terminal screw torque max. 4,5Nm max. 4,5Nm max. 4,5Nm
Temperature range -40°C - +80°C -40°C - +80°C -40°C - +80°C
Terminal cross section 35mm² (solid) / 35mm² (solid) / 35mm² (solid) /
  25mm² (stranded) 25mm² (stranded) 25mm² (stranded)
Degree of protection IP20 IP20 IP20
Housing material Thermoplastic;
ext. degree UL94 V-0
ext. degree UL94 V-0
ext. degree UL94 V-0
Dimensions DIN43880 3TE 4TE 5TE
Art.No. (without remote contact) IS211330 IS211340 IS211311



Protec PTNC BC 275

  • LPL I + II
  • Testclass I + II
  • IS211330

Protec PTNC BC 275 + H

  • LPL I + II
  • Testclass I + II
  • IS211331

Protec PTNS BC 275

  • LPL I + II
  • Testclass I + II
  • IS211340

Protec PTNS BC 275 + H

  • LPL I + II
  • Testclass I + II
  • IS211341

Protec PTT BC 275

  • LPL I + II
  • Testclass I + II
  • IS211311

CU-Busbar (SPD-FI) TNS (not useable for Protec TT system)

  • IS050019

CU-Busbar (SPD-FI) TNC

  • IS050020

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